TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.03- “Quite a Common Fairy”

By staff-writers - October 14, 2013

OuT 303Tinker Bell isn’t exactly what the fairytales make her out to be. She has a conflicted past that has torn her sense of identity in two. Can she overcome her past to discover her true self?

In “Quite a Common Fairy”, Emma and they gang are still in Neverland on the hunt for Henry. Pan’s camp keeps moving making everything a challenge. They need more than skill and luck to help them. They need magic. They go in search for Tinker Bell and Regina seems less than thrilled. It is obvious they had a past together but what exactly could have happened?

Back in the Enchanted Forrest, Neal realizes Peter Pan took Henry because Pan believes Henry is the “truest believer”. He reminds Robin Hood that it was the Dark One who saved his family years ago and it is time to repay the favor. Robin must use his son as bait to lure in Pan’s shadow. This is the only way Neal can get back to Neverland to save his family.

We flash back in time to see Tinker Bell saving Regina. Here Tinker Bell is an optimistic fairy trying to help Regina find true love again. It is love and hope that can save Regina from her dark path. And Tinker Bell can help Regina find what she needs. She goes against the Blue Fairy’s wishes and steals pixie dust. Tink chooses what she believe in her heart will work. She knows that love will save Regina.

Tinker Bell stays true to her self and risks everything to save Regina. But as the Blue Fairy warned, getting involved with Regina is dangerous. Regina doesn’t follow Tink’s advice and runs away from finding her true love. She doesn’t confess her weakness to Tink but instead goes on a verbal attack. She twists and turns Tinker ‘s motives and makes her feel worthless- squashing all her hope. On top of having her self-worth questioned, the Blue Fairy becomes irate with Tink’s actions and tells her she no longer believes in her. Tinker Bells looses her wings.

Tink has been struggling with her sense of identity and self-worth for a long time. It shows in her appearance and demeanor. Her bright vibrant green clothing and optimism is now dark and twisted. When Regina and Tink are finally face to face, everything is brought out in the open.

Regina makes an uncharacteristic move. She puts Tink to the test. She believes in Tinker Bell. She picked revenge over hope and where did it get her. Does Tink want the same? Regina was afraid to loose her anger believing her anger gave her power.

It is all up to Tink now. She must decide between revenge and hope. Fairies can only exist if people believe in them, but more importantly, they must believe in themselves. What will Tink choose? And what is Regina’s motive in helping her?

Meanwhile, Henry is at a precipice. Peter Pan believes it is not Emma who is the “Chosen One” but that Henry is the true “Chose One”. This is a lot for Henry to handle and a lot of responsibility has just been thrust upon him. Now we just have to wait and see what Henry does with this responsibility.

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