TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.11 -“Swan Song”

By staff-writers - December 8, 2015


The ever changing of villains and heroes in Storybrooke continue to shift in this year’s winter finale.

Hook’s plan begins to fall into place. The former Dark Ones mark our heroes allowing them to switch places with their earthly counterparts. They will send Robin, Regina, Henry, Charming and Snow into the underworld. Emma races against time in order to destroy the darkness completely before all is lost.

In flashbacks, we see Hook’s true origin story. Abandoned by his father and left aboard a ship, Hook vows revenge, setting the stage for darkness to overcome him. Hook has always carried darkness in him but it was Emma who helped him hide that away. It is now up to Hook to decide what kind of man he truly wants to be.  He has come a long way, fighting darkness and succumbing to it in order to get his revenge.

At the lake, Emma confronts Nimue. In an ultimate Darth Vader move, Nimue begins to choke Emma. Hook, seeming to take Emma’s words to heart. He stops Nimue, and then, uses Excalibur to evaporate the Dark Ones, channeling the darkness inside of him. He begs Emma to kill him. It is the only way. He tells Emma he has decided who he wants to be.  He wants to die a hero. In a highly emotional moment, Emma agrees.  Emma is transformed back to her normal self, Excalibur disappears into ash, and Hook dies.

Now the tables have turned again. Emma is no longer the Dark One and has lost the man she loves, Hook has died a hero’s death, and Rumple has once again switched allegiances.  No longer carrying a hero’s heart, Rumple is the one and only- Dark One.  Sad to see that Rumple’s stint as a hero has come to an end but he does make one great villain.

Now Emma has a decision to make as she starts on her newest quest. It seems that our Storybrooke heroes must descend into the Underworld.


Join us back in March when Disney goes to Hell.

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