TV Korner: The Walking Dead 3.10 – “Home”

By kastor417 - February 17, 2013

The Governor is missing, Rick is looking for Lori, and Merle is out hunting for mexican. All leading to a shocking end to this week’s Walking Dead.

Last week ended with Rick loosing his mind and seeing his dead wife in the prison, and this week picks up with Rick looking for his wife around the prison. Rick spends most of the episode chasing a ghost or rather a his mind playing tricks on him while the rest of the prison crew are trying to figure out what to do about Woodbury.  Should they take the fight to the Governor, fortify the prison, or take off and find somewhere new? All the arguing distracts the group and they miss Rick leaving the gates and running out into the woods, only Hershel notice the grieving leader. He tries to talk Rick back into the prison, but fails.

Meanwhile Woodbury is trying to protect its boarders but fortifying its fences and gathering supplies. During all the prep work Andrea searching for the Governor, but he is no where to be found. She tries to get info out of the members of town but is brushed off with each attempt.

Out in the woods the brothers Dixon are trying to find their way, but come across a family being attacked by a small heard of walkers. Merle is willing to wait out the attack and take the supplies but baby brother rushes in and saves the day. Darryl is reminded of the true nature of his brother, and decides to return to the prison.

Just as Rick seems to find Lori, a shot is fire through Axel’s head, the last of the inmates and groups start to collide. The Governor has brought the fight to prison and he has brought some heavy ammo. All the firing ends up attracting the walkers in the area, who flock to the lone human outside the gates, Rick. The Governor and crew fire wildly into the prison yard to pin down the rest of the group and cut off Rick from the group. Just as it looks like Rick is about to be eaten, an arrow flies through the zombie’s head. The brothers Dixon ride in to save the day, and they watch a a truck full of zombies is released into the yard to attack the group.

So is it time for out group to leave or time to take the fight to the Governor?

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