TV Korner: The Walking Dead 3.16- “Welcome to the Tombs”

By kastor417 - April 1, 2013

The Walking Dead 316 Kastor's KornerThe third season of The Walking Dead came to a close tonight, and the body count was quite high. One of the early deaths in the episode was a huge shocker and from there  the episode got even more intense. Check out all the highlights from the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The show opened with the Governor finally explaining the method behind his madness to Milton. He killed to feel alive, and kept the heads as a reminder that it is either him or them. A feeling that it seems young Carl has started to adopt, and it could be scary what Carl might turn into as this show continues.

The Governor knew it was Milton who burned the walker pit, and we got a first person view of the beating he got because of it. Milton was the first one to fall, he tried to take out the Governor to save Andrea, but he was over powered. The Governor stabbed him through the chest, and left him to turn and kill Andrea. The two were left in the room, and when the Governor leaves Milton tells Andrea she has a chance if she can get to the pliers he dropped before he turns. In the end she was not quick enough and the character that fans have grown to dislike over the last three seasons finally met her end.

The Governor cracked and killed all but two of his own men, after his assault on the prison was thwarted but the scrappy prison crew. They were able to fend off the Woodbury attackers, and keep their home. They chased after the Governor, but found his massacre on the side of the road, changing their minds and going to Woodbury to free the citizens left behind. The episode ended with a very Lost like ending with the combining of the two groups.

Will the Governor return with his two followers next season? Will Tyreese finally become the character we have all been waiting to see? Will Carl snap and become the next Governor? Only seven more months until we find out.

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