TV Korner: The Walking Dead 4.08- “Too Far Gone”

By kastor417 - December 2, 2013

Walking Dead 408 Kastor's KornerThe half way point of season 4 left the group smaller and very bloody. Find out who will not be part of the of The Walking Dead’s winter season in February.

The war between the Governor and Rick started back in season 3 finally came to a close in the first half of this season. The Governor made his final assault on the prison with his new group in tow, though they had no idea what they were in for following this mad man. The show focused on the fight for the whole hour, with very little character interaction besides the talk between Rick and the Governor. The Governor brought a tank to the battle and two captives, Hershel and Michonne. When the show started there was no doubt that one would fall, and in the end it was the wise old man of the group that lost his life. In the fire fight most of the Governor’s new crew lost their lives, but the death that was the most satisfying was the Governor himself. He was impaled on Michonne’s sword, followed by a shot to the head from Lily, who lost her daughter thanks to the Governor’s advice.

There were a few miss steps in this show even though it was a fun watch. Rick not trying to tell them what happened in Woodbury was the biggest example of the issues. Some were starting to sway in their support of their new leader, and putting further doubt would might have changed their minds. Even with a few choices like that, this show gets better with each season. Rick may be seen as the weak link in the show, but when you are supposed to be the good guy in this world you don’t have much depth. It continues to be the supporting cast that makes this show what it is. There were also some comments that the Governor turned too quickly in the last few episodes from a character with depth to a cartoon villain, but you can’t predict crazy. When you deal with people who believe in something like the Governor did, his crazy sense of normal, there is no talking. Those types of people can’t be reasoned with, they have their answers planned out and no matter how rational your argument, they can see past their own twisted reality. Knowing some groups and people in the world today are the same, and writing it as they did showing he may be good inside, and flipping the crazy switch in an instant was true to life, just ask me about my ex-in-laws some time.

Overall this was a great way to start a new chapter for the survivors in the zombie apocalypse, with new settings coming soon, and at least one new comic fan favorite joining the cast it should be a fun ride in the second half of season 4.

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