Ultimate Green Goblin Is An Amazing Build A Figure

By bill - January 30, 2014

ASML-Green-Goblin-featThe monstrous Ultimate take on Norman Osborn makes for a great Build A Figure to close out the Spider-Man Legends collection.

Hasbro’s Spidey Legends would have been great on their own, but in addition to their accessories and alternate heads and hands, each figure still also includes a part to build the Ultimate Green Goblin!  This Goblin figure is menacing and massive, another very satisfying BAF, and a welcome new character for the Legends collection.

The sculpt on the Goblin is great– he’s a mix of well rendered new parts and cleverly reused pieces from the Avengers Legends Hulk, which features the perfect scale, level of detail and articulation to make this new figure truly come to life.

From the horns and spikes on his shoulders and head to the scowling face sculpt, this figure is big and mean and more than ready to face your Spider-Man figure in battle.  His dark color pallet is true to Osborn’s comic look, with dark green skin, tattered navy blue pants and an off-white bone color for the spikes, studs and horns.  This dark base works very well with the flame accessories the Goblin includes– these bright flames really stand out, and fit in place snugly on his back and hands just like in the Ultimate comics.  It adds a lot of variation to the Goblin’s overall look, as if he even needed it.

ASML Green Goblin 09

I couldn’t be more happy with how this figure came out.  As a long time fan of Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, I always hoped for a well done Green Goblin figure in this very drastic new look, and Hasbro has really delivered with this guy.  He’s an excellent way to cap off the Spider-Man Legends series, which was great in its own right… and even better thanks to the Ultimate Green Goblin!

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