The Universe Expands With Prometheus Series Two

By bill - March 20, 2013

prometheus-2-featNECA delivers another pair of Prometheus figures, who perfectly match both the gorgeous visuals and flawed design of the film itself.

I had my issues with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  While the Alien semi-prequel was one of the most immersive and beautiful movies I’ve ever seen on the big screen, a shoddy script and too many logic leaps marred the experience from reaching its full potential.  NECA’s Prometheus toy line has been on my must-collect list all along, however, thanks to their perfect sculpted realizations of the film’s amazing visuals. That attention to accuracy and overall qaulity is very much on display in David 8 and the Deacon, the latest pair of figures in the collection.

prometheus 2 13David 8 is the android who accompanies the band of scientists in Prometheus, and the character features an entirely new sculpt with a stunning portrait of Michael Fassbender.  From his bleach blond hair to his pensive facial expression, this sculpt (or sculpts, I should say– David includes two interchangeable heads) nails the actor so perfectly, it’s noteworthy even compared to the fantastic job NECA is typically known for.  David is depicted in his space suit, introducing a buck we should see re-released for upcoming figures such as Fifield and Holloway, and it’s spot-on.  The sculpt is great, as is the paint, which features the gunmetal grey and muted blues which leave this design dead between classic 50’s spaceman and clunky, practical Alien suits.  David’s alternate head features his leather cap, and the figure includes a removable space helmet to go along with this head– the helmet is cast in clear plastic with plenty of sculpted details and clips very snugly onto the suit’s collar.

Aside from the alternate head and helmet, David also includes one of his anaylsis tools as an accessory, which fits the inquisitive android perfectly.  I’m happy that this soon to be reused body is as good as it is, and I’m excited to build more team members on this excellent sculpt that is packed with articulation.  From the ball neck to the twin ball joints in the torso, double knees and rocker ankles, the articulation on display here is quite good.

prometheus 2 25The Deacon is the other new addition to the line, and the proto-Alien features another gorgeous, all-new sculpt.  The creepy creature is the perfect rendition of the on-screen monster, with it’s spindly limbs, elongated head and skeletal torso calling back to the classic Xenomorph design.  The new twists, from the sinewy striations on the creature’s skin to the truly bizarre tongue (which is, essentially, a third level of the pallete) is creepy and very cool– the Deacon’s mouth can open and extend forward, with extra skin sliding out on the corners of its mouth.  Once extended, the tongue can slide out, revealing a set of razor-sharp teeth on the bottom side, which synch up to the teeth on the creature’s lower jaw.

Like David, the Deacon features wonderful paint and colors, with its deep, dark blue contrasting nicely with the high gloss black ooze in which the beast is covered.  The figure is articulated so that it can either stand or crouch (like in the movie), and includes a very well-designed clear stand to prop the accurately figure on its toes in either pose.

prometheus 2 09While the Deacon itself can’t really use any accessories, it comes packed with a few other small flourishes from the movie, including a pair of the leech/ snake things the scientists discover in the main chamber, and the petrified, severed head of an Engineer, which the team brings back to their ship.  The Engineer head is in perfect scale with the previously-released figures, and includes a removable “Space Jockey” helmet, which clips on and off with ease.  It’s a great looking piece, and the sculpted details of the stone-like helmet and the mummified head underneath are simply incredible.

prometheus 2 31By and large both of these figures appear great, however there are some slight issues that tug at the corners of their overall experience.  Each figure includes an odd articulation choice which limits some of what they can do.  David’s short isn’t too bad– his arms feature a hinged half-ball, but the swivel is built into the forearm, not the bicep.  This means he can bend his elbow, but has no side-to-side motion in his arms (instead, the forearms can twist on themselves 360 degrees).  With his strong shoulder and wrist motion, it’s not a major drawback.  The Deacon suffers a bit more with a similar drawback– its shoulders are hinged so they can lift up and down, but their swivel is built into the arm instead of the body.  This means the creature cannot move its arms forward or back at all.  The figure is getting a lot of flack for this issue, and I have to be honest, it does limit what he can do.  However I can say the good range of the Deacon’s elbows and wrists help to offset the limited shoulders, and honestly if any Prometheus figure got the short end of the articulation stick, I’d rather it be the newborn alien with 5 seconds of screentime.

Yes, the articulation flaws of these figures are a thing. But between their gorgeous sculpts, copious relevant accessories and otherwise perfectly engineered articulation models, both David 8 and the Deacon are totally worthy and welcome additions to this collection. Thanks to NECA for giving us the chance to check these new figure out!  Prometheus Series Two is available now at NECA’s Amazon and eBay shops, as well as retailers such as Toys R Us.

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