Vacation in the LEGO Ewok Village

By kastor417 - May 4, 2016

LEGO Ewok Village Kastors KornerThe planet of Endor has always been my favorite part of the Star Wars trilogy, so I made sure to grab the LEGO Ewok Village before it was retired. 

This is one of the largest sets I have put together, and it might be just perfect. The Batcave was almost perfect, but there was something missing, it just did not have the feel of a full playset. This LEGO build feels like the 80’s playset from the movie line. I had it as a kid and it was one of my favorite toys, it had all hidden sections and this set is just like it. There are hidden weapon caches, secret clubhouses, and plans to defeat the Empire.

The main village has three towers just the old play set, each of the towers has secret compartments at the base and the tops of each tower can rotate around. There are a ton of Ewok minifigures as well as the main heroes of the film. Some of the highlights of the build are the trap for the speeder bike and the rope bridge. Both are action like features that make this more than just a project to build. It will allow for a lot of play factor with kids and adults. The rails around each of the tops were the weakest parts of the build, they are thinner tubing, and not sure how they will hold up over time and multiple builds. I have been building up my Stormtrooper army and Ewoks, so I added in a few from other sets to make it look like a real village.

This set is starting to disappear because of the Hoth set showing up at LEGO stores, I got mine 3 weeks ago and my LEGO store has replaced them already. It is worth the price tag, might be the most value I have gotten from a set to date.

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