Venture Bros Retro Series 6 & 7 Are Super-Charming

By bill - June 11, 2013

venture-featBif Bang Pow! has released two new sets of Venture Bros retro figures, expanding the series to some awesome new corners of the Venture universe.

It’s been a while since the last Venture Bros retro figures were released, but the new Series 6 and 7, featuring Billy Quizboy, Molotov Cocktease, Dr. Henry Killinger and Brock Samson in his S.P.H.I.N.X. costume, make for a great addition to the collection.  Each figure features a Mego-style design with cloth clothes and the soft, squishy heads that are a staple of this figure type.

Like past Venture retro figures, each of these guys has a charmingly old school feel, as if they had been released in the heyday of Rusty the boy adventurer’s heyday.  I’ve long felt the Mego style approach is the perfect fit for the Venture universe, and the new figures only accentuate that notion.

The portraits on these figures remains top notch, and perfectly capturing the animated look of these heroes and villains.  The best is probably Killinger, whose demonic skull mask features plenty of details and a high gloss finish which brings those patterns to life.  Molotov and Billy both look great, despite their heads being a little too large, and Brock (the second figure based on the Venture’s former bodyguard) gets some new detailing to include the circles under his eyes since he first joined S.P.H.I.N.X.

The costumes are well done and fit the bodies nicely– Billy’s frumpy suit came out perfectly, as did Killinger’s black coat and Brock’s bodysuit.  There’s a nix of nicely sculpted details, such as Brock’s webgear and Killinger’s iconic Magic Murder Bag, that play off the intentionally low-tech parts like Samson’s circular knee pads.  Molotov’s physics-defying Blackhearts suit was definitely the most challenging to realize in fabric, but the figure does a good job of it– two clear plastic straps attached to the chest keep the assassin’s outfit in place, aided by the velcro straps of her belts and shoulder holster.

One welcome feature on these figures is their accessories.  In the past, some of the Venture toys would include some king of weapon or accessory, but here everyone gets something.  From the Quizboy’s ghetto raygun to Brock and Mol’s guns and knives, to Killinger’s bag, umbrella and stethoscope, all the pieces work nicely with the figures, practically and thematically.

Scale becomes a challenge in the arena of retro/ Mego toys, since there are very few sizes available.  While scale on the Venture toys isn’t perfect, the designs do a good job of suggesting it– Brock is taller than the others, Killinger uses some stuffing in his coat to pad out his girth and Billy employs the child-sized Rusty body to make him appropriately short.  Mol and Quizboy both feature heads that are a bit too large, both for their bodies and especially in regards to the rest of the figures in the collection, but the sculpts are so strong I’m gonna say it just adds to the overall retro charm.

I wish these guys would include stands, as their boots don’t lend themselves to balancing very well, but overall, I continue to be impressed by how much fun Bif Bang Pow is packing into their Venture Bros toys.  The Venture Bros retro figures are the perfect combination of a property and a unique execution, and the charm of these figures is sure to win over anybody who gets what this show is all about.

Venture Bros retro waves 6 and 7 are in stock now at Entertainment Earth– Click Here to order yours today!

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