The Best Video Games of 2015

By hopkins - December 30, 2015

And The Winners are…

With the battle of the newest consoles still in its infancy new games have been coming out left and right. November alone saw Star Wars Battlefront, Black Ops 3, and Fallout 4.Telltale Games continued their story line gaming with the release of Game of Thrones and Tales From the Borderlands. With so many options out there it was very difficult to pick  which games to play.

Telltale games’ Tales From The Badlands delivered new episodes with a combination of comedy and adventure rolled into a point and click adventure. This game is good for a few laughs and all around fun game to play.  Available on all consoles as well as PC, even for those not into point and click story modes this is a must play if you’re a fan of Borderlands.

For those into action and adventure, as well as some true first person shoot em ups, there were two major choices with Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront. Although Black Ops carries on tradition of Call of Duty, the clear winner is Battlefront. This game brings home the Star Wars feel with space battles play as the Millennium Falcon or Slave I. You can play as one of your favorite heroes or villains, escort droids, battle against the AT AT, or just go for kills against fellow players– the options are wide open. With a vast array of weaponry you will be sure to have a blast of a time in either first or third person views.

Honorable mention goes to Fallout 4, with its expansive world to explore. There is always trouble to get in and out of.

With the selection of systems available, the PS4 stands above all. Playstation’s latest uses every ounce of power to deliver the best graphics, and their customer service stands above all. Xbox One should be an afterthought at this point– poor customer service, poor quality (mine broke a month after the warranty ran out) and lack of quality graphics make this system a poor choice.  With rumors afloat of a virtual system for PS4, this is the gaming system that will put you into a whole new world.

Til Next Year…

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