The Villains Attack In Arkham Origins Wave 2

By kastor417 - April 18, 2014

Arkham Origins Wv 2 Kastor's KornerThe Arkhamverse expands with new villains in Arkham Origins wave two from DC Collectibles. 

The wave consists of some of the big name characters in the game and offers Arkham versions of some of the more famous Gotham villains.

Each of the figures have the dirty city feel to them, matching the weathered designs of the previous figures. They all include a good deal of accessories, keeping in line with their game appearances. 

Anarky is dressed as a street punk like in the game, and the detailing make him stand out even though his mobility is limited. Because of the big puffy coat, which is well executed, there are limits how the figure can be posed. The jacket is made from a soft rubbery material, you can feel the thin arms underneath, giving the appearance of a person under the coat. The mask is very clean, and glued on top of the he’d sculpt, making it appear that there is face under the mask. Making the costume look more realistic elevates this figure over the issues in posing the figure. He comes with a molotov cocktail with an attached flame. The figure can hold it in his right hand but the grip is wide, so you might need to heat and cool the plastic to get a solid grip. 

Firefly has most limited articulation of the wave, but he makes up for it in sculpting and detail. The costume itself is the limiting factor, with a lot of little seams and straps. His accessories include his two wings and flame thrower. The wings are well detailed on the front , but are plain on the back. They plug into the back of the figure, but they seem fragile, so take care when putting the figure together. If you’re planning on playing with this figure or getting these for kids, this might be the most fragile of the bunch so go easy when posing the figure. If they included some kind of flight stand this could have been an amazing figure.

The final figure I picked up is Deathstroke. He is not really a Batman villain, but a great addition to the game and figures. The classic blue and orange colors from the comics are metallic in this design, giving him an armored looked. He is a good match to the armored Batman in the Arkham world. Included with the figure is a pistol, staff, and sword. All can be stored on the figure in a passive pose. Of all the figures in this line Deathstroke has the best range of articulation. Each joint has a good range of motion, allowing for some dynamic poses for the master mercenary. 

There are also two other figures in this wave, Deadshot and Killer Croc. If you’re looking for any of these remember to head over to our sponsor Mike’s Comics N’ Stuff for all your DC Collectibles needs.

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