Vini-Monday- DC Comics Vinimates Wave 2

By kastor417 - April 9, 2018

DC Vinimates are so perfect you almost forget they can’t move. The newest wave of Vinimates based on DC Comics designs are just hitting and boy do they look good. 

Every DC Comics fan wants new DC Minimates, but with DC holding a tight reign on the minifigure market these are as good as we will get. We get 2 classic and one modern look in this wave. Superman and Joker match their 80’s look from around Crisis and Super Powers and once again I have been drawn in. Green Lantern in his classic look got me into this line, while this Superman and Joker has cemented me as a Vinimate collector. So much so that I even picked up this modern Wonder Woman.

Vinimates are non-posebale, but they are sculpted in a way that articulation points are not needed. Joker has that smirk and Joker cane, while Superman has that ever hopeful boy scout. Both poses capture that iconic look in the block style. Collectors will also notice that Superman has a stand, because of that pose he cannot stand without it.

Wonder Woman captures all the badassness in this little figure. She is posed in a more modern look with a flowing cape and wind swept hair. And even though she like the others is non-poseable and does not have any accessories, she has her staff, bracelets, and lasso.

These are hitting comics shops and if you catch it right like I did you might see these at Toys R Us.

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