Vitruvian HACKS Are Off To An Incredible Start

By bill - May 20, 2016

Vitruvian-HACKS-featBoss Fight Studio’s debut action figures are fantastic.

When it comes to 3.75″ action figures, there are few names out there as celebrated as Boss Fight Studio. This team of designers had a hand in many of the very best releases of the GI Joe and Marvel Universe toy lines over the past 5+ years, and they’ve developed some really awesome figures for smaller projects like the Marauder Task Force, Adventure People, and the upcoming Eagle Force Returns line.  But Boss Fight is also flying solo with their self-released Vitruvian HACKS toy line, a series of highly articulated action figures with modular gear, weapons and accessories.  Launched on Kickstarter in 2014, the first series of HACKS are finally here, and the Greek mythology-themed wave does not disappoint.

Included in the first wave of figures are two Spartan Warriors– a standard soldier and a “cursed” figure with a grey stone deco– and two Gorgons– Medusa and one of her soldiers, the Coral Gorgon.  Boss Fight also released two New Jersey Comic Con exclusives this Spring, including the Ultimate Amazon Warrior offered in conjunction with Kokomo Toys, providing the first human woman to the collection.

I’m not sure if I’m more impressed by the sculpts of these figures, their incredible articulation pattern, or the very effective modular approach to both body parts and accessories.  I guess I’ll start with the sculpts.  These figures look great, from the unique headsculpts, each with their own personality, to the incredibly realistic musculature of their bodies.  The Gorgons in particular are a marvel, with the incredibly intricate scale patterns on their lower bodies meshing perfectly with their more humanoid upper halves.  Each figure features unique armor, headgear and weaponry, all of which can be interchanged or customized, and each piece sports a classic Greek art aesthetic that looks both iconic and badass.

The articulation on these figures is amazing, and it bleeds into their modular construction, as each point of articulation is a ball and socket which can detach.  Every figure features a ball jointed neck, ball shoulders and elbows, swivel wrists, ball jointed torsos, ball hips, double jointed knees and rocker ankles.  This allows for a vast range of motion, and a litany of awesome poses they can strike.  The Gorgons’ lower bodies are brilliantly engineered as a series of eight segments, each connected via a ball joint, so their snake-like forms can stretch and bend and coil in remarkably naturalistic ways.

I’m truly impressed by the paint work on these figures, as well.  They feature bold, eye catching colors that make them look distinct, and a variety of washes and finishes give each figure a realism and depth not often seen in this small scale.  Their armor retains the metallic sheen of copper and bronze and gold, while the cursed Spartan’s matte finish and grainy texture emulate his stone form to great effect.  The bright colors and reptilian patterns on the Gorgons’ skin is remarkably lifelike, giving them a truly animalistic appearance very different from the humans.

Each of the Vitruvian HACKS is exciting in its own way, and I’m not exaggerating when I say these are some of the absolute best 3.75″ action figures I have ever seen.  The semi-generic nature of most figures lends itself perfectly to army building, but even if you only opt for one of each figure, the multiple wave of new figures on the horizon means this will be a robust toy line in very short order.  I’m truly impressed by Boss Fight’s first solo endeavor, and I’ll be watching their future projects with great interest!

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