Voltron: Legendary Defender Arrives In Toy Aisles

By kastor417 - January 5, 2017

Playmates Toys is ready for the new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix with some figures based on the new look of the 80’s hero.

The new Voltron updates the 80’s classic cartoon that inspired the Power Rangers, with sleeker designs and a more diverse cast of heroes. The first wave of figures from Playmates Toys deliver the lions and a fully formed Voltron.

The first wave of basic figures mix the lions and assembled Voltron with action features. The old trick of squeezing the figure from the 80’s activates the figure motion. The Black Lion can rear up and kick is enemies, while Sword Attack Voltron can slash with his sword. When figures are made in this scale of characters so much larger in real life, articulation is usually sacrificed, from looking over these two figures that is not the case. Both the lion and Voltron are poseable, but the lion has more articulation points.  The only issue that can be corrected with a little paint is the lack of paint on the robot head. While the paint details aren’t as good as the larger scale this version of the robot come with both the sword and shield. The first wave os basics come with the five lions, two versions of Voltron, and a villain. Something other toy lines tend to leave out. So getting this wave you have everything thing you need to recreate the battles in the cartoon. These basic figures are non-connectible, meaning the lions in this wave can no form a larger robot. For that feature collectors will have to buy the deluxe versions, which when combined will add multiple phrases to the talking feature.

For a lower price point these figures are great for desk toys, and are fairly stable for kids toys. I remember getting a full smaller scale Voltron in the 80’s and after playing with him for an hour his head snapped off. I was not playing rough but on trip and snap, these new basics won’t have that issue. The new season is about to premiere on Netflix at the end of the month, picking up where they left off.

We will have more coverage of the line as it roles out into retail stores in the next month, along with a look at the future of the line at Toy Fair.


Thanks to Playmates for these review samples. 

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