The Vulture Takes To The Sky To Battle Spider-man

By kastor417 - May 12, 2017

Walmart kicks off the Summer of Spider-man with an Ultimate Marvel Legends 2-pack. Ultimate Spider-man takes on the Vulture continuing to build the Ultimate villain roster. 

This 2-pack pits Spider-man against the old man Vulture, but in the Ultimate world he is a little younger and has a little more tech. This character choice is no doubt due to the fact that Vulture will take center stage in Spider-man: Homecoming this summer, and a welcome addition to the Ultimate line up. Rhino and Doc Ock were two of the first villains from the Ultimate Universe, back in Toy Biz days but it has been the current Hasbro figures that have set the bar for these update villains. Vulture joins the Green Goblin to take on the smaller teen bodied Peter Parker. Fans always want a flying villain to be able to look up, and this version can do that, but as with anything there is a drawback. The articulation also gives the figure a longer neck, which in static poses it can look awkward. Vulture can wear his wings, or they can be removed, and have his tech back pack. He also comes with an alternate head, which has his flight helmet.

There is not much going with this Spider-man, he has a new paint job but is the exact same figure from the Space Venom wave. I do like the brighter colors, they make him look more like the Ultimate comic art work. He has a few alternate hands, but not as many as the single pack figure. The colors are different so the two can’t share hands, but they can share heads, making the Peter head a perfect fit for either figure.

These are just starting to pop up at Walmarts, and should be easy to find through out the Summer.




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