Walgreens and Hasbro Rearm The Punisher

By kastor417 - August 30, 2016

Walgreen's Exclusive Punisher- Marvel Legends Photos by Khalil Quotap. Copyright Kastor's Korner 2016Marvel Legends is on a roll updating older figures, and the Punisher is the newest to get a face lift. Walgreens and Hasbro bring us the newest version of Frank Castle. 

I have been out of the Marvel Legends game for a while, but getting a free Black Panther at SDCC made me rethink things. So when I saw on line that The Punisher was starting to hit Walgreen’s stores I took a ride, and found him thanks to one of the local managers who pulled one from the back for me.

Walgreen's Exclusive Punisher- Marvel Legends Photos by Khalil QThe Legends line has really changed since the first Punisher was released back in Toy Biz wave four. The TB version was one of the only Legends I kept when I did a big purge before Comic Con, and now with the new one in hand I’m not sure why I kept him. The new version is near perfect, and the reason is simplicity. There is less detailing, less color, and less accessories with the new version, yet it stands out as an excellent figure.

There are some companies that can include all the articulation points and are able to hide them making the figure look flawless, but those figures end up costing three to four times more than Legends. As a mass market line Legends has learned how to balance the articulation and design, to deliver figures that stand up to time. The figure comes with two heads, a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, and a heavy artillery gun. I wonder if more weapons would have come with a regular release like Deadpool or if he would still be light on weapons. For this look of the chracters I would have gotten some hand guns, with holsters or a new sniper rifle. But really with the Punisher how can you not want more weapons, I guess I will just have to dig through my parts bin for some other weapons.

Walgreens is just putting these on shelf, and if they are like the other exclusives, they should stick around for a couple of months.

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