The Walking Dead Comic Series 3 Review

By bill - September 5, 2014

TWD-comic-ser-3-featThe four latest Walking Dead action figures are some of the best ever from McFarlane Toys.

While McFarlane Toys’ main focus with The Walking Dead series has been toys based on the popular AMC TV show, they’re still giving lots of love to the original Image Comics series, as well.  Four more comic-based characters make their debut in the latest wave of action figures, and they’re all outstanding toys.

The Walking Dead Comic Series 3 features two new hero figures– a new one-handed Rick and our first ever comic style Andrea.  This dynamic duo is joined by Dwight, the spurned lackey of Negan, and the punk rock zombie, a walker dressed to the nines (the nines, in this case, are a giant green mohawk and tattered tank top).

TWD comic ser 3 050

The sculpting on these figures is, across the board, fantastic… this is a cool looking bunch of toys!  We have not seen a comic book Rick since Series One, and it’s nice to get a more updated, modern look for the main survivor, complete with his bandaged arm stump, shaggy hair and rugged beard.  Rick includes his revolver, as well as a shotgun and an assault rifle (the latter two which can be slung over his shoulder), and he can hold all the weapons well, especially in light of his missing hand.

TWD comic ser 3 034

In most series, I don’t think a figure as good as this Rick could be topped, but Andrea is even better.  If you only know the character from her whiny, conflicted TV adaptation, you’re doing yourself a disservice– on the comics page, Andrea is as cool as they get, and I’m so glad McFarlane has done the character justice in plastic.  Andrea features a great range of motion, allowing easy posing options with her knife, pistol and badass sniper rifle, which she can wield in one or both hands.  From the determined expression on her face to the scars lining her mouth and forehead, Andrea is without a doubt the best toy adaptation I have seen of Charlie Adlard’s character art, and she truly shines as one of this toy line’s absolute gems.

TWD comic ser 3 017Dwight is another solid figure, from the more recent books, and his appearance here makes all the more sense considering his striking visual look.  With half his face severely burned, this Savior certainly screams that he’s not one to be messed with.  The scarred flesh on Dwight’s face is very well done, nasty and painful-looking without being overly grisly.  The paint work definitely works for the sculpted scarring, and it’s matched by some excellent line work for Dwight’s tattoos, as well.  Unfortunately, the figure’s torso paint is nowhere near as intricate, with a heavy-handed brown wash that’s either supposed to be dirt, shading or body hair. While it doesn’t ruin the entire figure, this sloppy application definitely seems a bit out of place.

TWD comic ser 3 003

We get one new walker in the wave, as well, and the Punk Rock zombie is certainly among the better undead figures in this collection.  While many zombie figures have suffered from limited articulation and action features that (while fun) compromise the sculpt, the punker here manages to be fully articulated, which sporting a cool pseudo action feature, in which his arms and scalp can be torn away.  The sculpt is great, with lots of menacing personality packed into the creature’s dessicated face, and his brownish grey skin makes the bright green mohawk and orange bondage pants really jump out.  The various removable pieces allow lots of great custom options for this guy, and he features a well sculpted guitar with break-away neck, which can be slung over his shoulder or across the chest.

Overall, The Walking Dead Comic Series 3 is a very impressive set.  The sculpts, the articulation and the accessories are all perfect, making for some truly visually dynamic, fully poseable action figures that are a blast to play around with.  The character selection is awesome, delivering an update to our hero, another core character, another solid supporting character and a new zombie to join the herd.  Yes, some of the paint choices are a bummer– Dwight’s torso is just ugly looking, and I could have done without the fresh blood stains on Rick and Andrea– but overall it is very hard to not be impressed by McFarlane Toys’ latest Walking Dead releases.  Like a good wine (or a deadly Walker) this series continues to improve with age, and I can’t wait to see what’s up next.


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