The Walking Dead MiniMates Universe Expands Again

By bill - June 23, 2014

TWD-MiniMates-featMore survivors, more bad guys and a zombie make up the latest series of Walking Dead MiniMates.

The fifth series of Walking Dead MiniMates from Diamond Select just hit comic and specialty stores, and the new wave delivers a few much-needed characters from the Image comic, as well as a few variants and nice surprises.

The big deal in this collection– for me– is the new survivors we get.  After four previous waves (more if you count the Toys R Us exclusive sets), we finally get Maggie Greene in her less-cool-than-the-TV-show comic styling.  While I’m not a huge fan of the character in the comics, Maggie is definitely an integral character, and her MiniMate figure looks good, with her short cropped hair and long green jacket.  She includes an alternate set of t-shirt sleeve arms, so her jacket is essentially removable, a detail I definitely appreciate.

TWD MiniMates 011Maggie is packed with our second Glenn, this one in riot gear.  Like Rick and The Governor before him, this figure is loaded with detail, perfectly translating the armor into MiniMate form.  The original Glenn is one of the toughest to find figures in this collection now, so his inclusion here should be welcome for many collectors late to the Walking Dead MiniMates game (like me).  Glenn’s helmet is removable, and he includes his signature baseball hat and bare hands, to change up his look.

We also get another major character in Tyreese, previously available only in his orange prison jumpsuit.  The new street clothes version is a vast improvement, with a black jacket and a knit hat which can be swapped out for a hair piece to alter the ex-NFL player’s look.  Tyreese includes his shotgun, as well, and comes packed with Michonne in her prison outfit.  This is another logical Michonne variant, and gets us one step closer to the prison fatigue sub-set.

One of my favorite things about MiniMates is how modular they are, and since riot gear Glenn is also part of the Toys R Us exclusive Series 5 set, his extra armored body can actually be used with Tyreese’s head to add one more “away mission” figure to your team.  Waste not, want not!

TWD MiniMates 042The final new set– or sets, technically– sees the release of Morgan in his survival mode, complete with unkempt hair, torn shirt and shovel.  The paint work on this guy is great, really making him look like a mini figure who’s been through some shit, and he gets packed facing our only zombie in the wave, the Geek.  The individual zombies in the MiniMates line have been cool, with lots of grisly injuries and expressive, dessicated faces.  The Geek Zombie is no exception, sporting a new hand wrapped in guts and a well sculpted torn-away shoulder.  He looks great added to the ever-growing walker herd.

I said final sets, plural, above because as we’ve seen in the past this wave also includes a short pack variant.  That chase set swaps out Morgan for Martinez, The Governor’s spy from Woodbury, who comes packed with another Geek Zombie.  Martinez is cool, with his do rag in place complete with his black hair poking out just like Charlie Adlard’s character design.

Between him, Gabe, Bob, Alice and The Governor, Diamond is really going deep and building a sizable Woodbury squad in this collection, which I think is awesome!  The only thing that could have improved the Martinez set would have been some kind of tweak to the zombie– even a different color shirt or alternate face would set him apart from his fellow Geek and add a fresh (er, not so fresh) face to the Walkers herd.

Overall, I’m totally happy with the latest MiniMates from The Walking Dead.  I like how expansive Diamond is willing to be with delivering figures from every corner of the comic book, as well as some smart variants for our main characters.  The design work on this latest batch is exceptional, and I love how much new tooling and unique sculpted details these figures feature.  This set rounds out most of the Woodbury crew, while the Toys R Us half starts building the post-Governor crowd with Abraham Ford and Eugene.  I’m stoked to see what else Diamond has in store for us as The Walking Dead marches (and staggers) forward!

Thanks to Diamond for giving us the chance to review these great new MiniMates.  Head to your local comic shop to order yours today!

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