The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Debut

By staff-writers - July 26, 2014

walking-dead-season-5-featThis Friday SDCC revealed the trailer for season 5 of The Walking Dead, and as per usual, viewers get to see Rick crazily glaring into the camera as he threatens anyone who messes with his family, and the constant ping-ponging about who can be trusted or not.

I wasn’t extremely thrilled with The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con this past Friday. A lot of people don’t like the direction that the show is taking; they essentially think it is tired and nothing refreshing has graced the show for a couple seasons. Perhaps it is because there is only so much you can do with the actual zombies themselves. The first season we learned a possible explanation as to why the zombie outbreak may have occurred, and what exactly may be going on in the body to create such blood thirsty creatures. Over the next couple of seasons, the show attempted to humanize the zombies with the Governor and his daughter, and Lizzy and her less than healthy attachment to playing and naming the Walkers. I think it is extremely important and responsible for the creators and writers of the show to break off from being a completely meaningless violent show where all people do is build contraptions to kill Walkers and squirrels for food. They are essentially doing a study into the human psyche, and exploring humanity and morality. Therefore, I actually enjoyed the direction the show was taking because it wasn’t just a creature show, it was becoming more existential and philosophical.

However, after viewing this trailer, it does not seem like the show is doing anything new. Basically the vibe I got from the trailer was: Rick will kill anyone who messes with his family, no one is safe and no one is to be trusted, and that they really, really need to get to Washington. I think they should just cut the crap about Rick going postal on everyone, and the Terminus inhabitants being essentially crazy. It would make for a refreshing take on the show if it focused more on the actual eliminating of the plague. You know what might actually be refreshing for this show? If every sanctuary they went to didn’t turn out to be batshit crazy. Is every living person after the apocalypse completely nuts or is this group of people just so fortunate to run into all the potentially creepy ones.

I will however give the trailer some credit because I was really intrigued at the end with Beth in hospital scrubs, and people in hospital beds being prodded with needles. I am genuinely curious to see where that goes. I look forward to the show even though I do expect a mild bit of repetitiveness. I personally think that while the show may focus on a lot of the same things each season, there’s at least one original segment of it that makes it worth watching. People thought the Governor seasons weren’t worth watching, but I actually loved the exploration of his character. Not everything has to be blood and gore people, try to appreciate the fact that the show is really making people think about humanity and what humans do to each other that is far worse than any Walker can do. The psychological damage that occurs during the show is far more interesting than a Walker taking a chunk out of someone’s neck.

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