Watch the International Trailer For Michael Keaton’s Birdman

By bill - August 1, 2014

birdman-featGet a better (and saltier) look at Michael Keaton’s nervous breakdown/ super hero movie.

Birdman is a movie that I think will be in a potentially difficult place.  As a movie starring Michael Keaton as an actor who can’t escape the shadow of a super hero he once played on the big screen, there’s a meta appeal that fanboys will surely love.  On the other hand, this is the latest film from indie darling Alejandro González Iñárritu, which could please the art house crowd…  The challenge becomes, what happens if the movie can’t satisfy both pockets of viewers?

I guess it’s too early to fret about that just yet, because based on the first and now this second International trailer, Birdman might just balance that line of being “cool” enough for the fanboys and “hip” enough for the art lovers.  If nothing else, it features a lot of Michael Keaton swearing with an extra-gravely inflection, and an epic underwear fight with Edward Norton.  So I already can’t really hate this movie, no matter what.

The new trailer also gives us a better idea of the movie’s storyline, and while I can’t say I expect this one to end well for our hero, it certainly seems worth checking out to me.

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