Watch The Jurassic World Trailer

By bill - November 27, 2014

jurassic-world-posterIn case you missed it, here’s the first trailer for the new Jurassic Park sequel.

Today was supposed to be the day Universal released the first trailer for next summer’s Jurassic World, but they surprised us by debuting this first look at the new movie earlier this week.  You’ve probably seen it by now, but I wanted to post about it anyway, mostly because I find it kind of interesting.

I’m not sure yet if I mean interesting in a good way or a bad way… A lot of the CGI effects work seen here is ROUGH, but that’s kind of par for the course when it comes to blockbuster movies.  The effects are early when we’re this far out (the movie hits theaters next June)… many movies will continue to tweak the effects until the literal days before the movie’s release, so there’s plenty of time to polish the effects.

As for the content we see here, I dig most of it.  The Jaws reference getting fed to the new aquatic leviathan in the Sea World style pool is pretty rad, and I truly love that the franchise is returning to its “What has science done?” roots, since Lost World and Jurassic Park III were both much more men on a mission style movies.

The jury is definitely still out on Chris Pratt riding his motorcycle amidst his pack of Raptors.  This scene could either be amazing or completely ridiculous in the final film; the somber piano music behind it in the trailer seems to be steering into pure goofball territory, but in the right context this bit could probably be one of the most badass visuals of next summer.   Fingers crossed.

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