Watch The First Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

By bill - July 28, 2014

mad-max-featGet a first look at the thrilling return of Mad Max.

One of the biggest winners at Comic Con was Mad Max: Fury Road.  This film has been in development for a long time, but it looks like it was worth the wait.  The extended trailer blew the roof off Hall H at the show, and now a shorter– but still action-packed– trailer has hit the web.

We get the broad strokes of the storyline, as Max is captured by a dune-riding gang, who cut off his hair, tattoo his back and chain him to one of their cars as a prisoner.  obviously, he escapes, leading to the huge, largely dialogue free chase scene that makes up the remainder of the movie.

From what we see in these two and a half minutes, the action is incredible– most of it is practical, and it feels like both an organic fit with the previous Mad Max aesthetic, while also making use of the advances in film technology in the decades since Beyond Thunderdome.  It’s fast paced, with loads of stunt work, explosions and unique, cheer-worthy action beats and death scenes.

I think I’m already sold on this one… I love Mad Max, and from the looks of this trailer, Fury Road will be an absolutely worthy new chapter in the series.

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