We Are In Second Wave Of Endgame Now

By kastor417 - July 10, 2019

Hasbro sent over the newest Avengers wave of Marvel Legends, full of comic and Endgame goodness.

With a film as big as Avengers: Endgame there was no way we were only going to get one wave, so nowhalf way through the year we have our second wave. It does fill in some gaps, but again does not give anything away from the film, well maybe one thing. Like all the other waves it is a mix of movie and comic figures, so let’s jump in to the set.

The Good

It is fitting that in this film about magic and cosmic action we get one of the other hammer wielders of the Marvel comic world. Beta Ray Bill holding Storm-breaker. He  lives up to the Asgardian look and a perfect recreation of his modern comic appearance. Another modern take on the hero is the spy from across the pond, Union Jack. There is not a lot to the figure, but clean pain lines elevate him, making it a welcome update to the red hulk wave figure. The overall look of both of these heroes are well proportioned only added to the heroic looks.

The Bad

The villains in the is wave hail from the worlds of Thor and Captain American, give collectors a big name long over due for a figure and one that came out of left field.Rock Python is one character that is a surprise on many levels, he is d-list at best and there are much more deserving villains and heroes of the figure treatment, but he works. It is clear that Hasbro is using the Avengers films to get us all these lower level characters we would never see in figure form if they relied on their own wave. He fills a need for some collectors to complete the Serpent Society, and is a nice color contrast to the darker colors of the film figures. The other villain in the wave is over due for a figure. We have hand many versions of Loki in the Marvel Legends line, but never has he been in his classic 60’s costume, until now. The figure has a lot going for him but his eyes will be his down fall. For many out there they have Loki figures that look in two directions, so make sure you take your time picking him out.

The Movies

You can’t have an Endgame wave without a lot of movie figures. The one issue we all have with the film figures is the secrecy surrounding the film and the CGI prohibit companies from giving us figures that are screen accurate if they want to come out before or during the film’s release. So we end up with good figures, that are slightly different tan what we get to see in the movie. Hulk, War Machine and Shuri (she should not have any issues since the movie came out over a year ago) suffer from that, and Pepper is missing an alternate head for those who want her unmasked. Getting past the little details, each of these figures is amazing. I know that sounds like I’m fanboying out but the sculpting and articulation is near perfection. So when you have to pick between a Legend and an import toy, the Legends will take some pressure off your wallet and still give you a solid figure. As a bonus when I got this wave I was also able to find the “worthy” Captain America. He is one of the best Chris Evens figures ever to be put out in this scale. He comes with his dirty shield, Hammer, and an unmasked head. I wish they had used this head to give us a bearded Rogers last year for Infinity War, but hopefully they will revisit it in the future like Star Wars’s Archives line.

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Thanks again to Hasbro for sending this over for review. 

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