The WB Shake Up And DC’s Future

By kastor417 - June 27, 2013

legendary pictures Kastor's KornerWith all the recent shake ups at Warner Bros fans are worried about the future of the DC comics films. Last week news came that Chris Nolan’s Legendary films may be parting ways with Warner Bros, and that will impact those in charge of upcoming DC films.

The Batman trilogy and the newest film Man of Steel were hits with fans, but with the possibly that Legendary might not be steering the boat will the the films in development suffer the same fate as the Green Lantern.

Warner Bros has proven over the years that they have problems getting their act together and putting out good shows and films. Green Lantern may go down as being one of the worst super hero films in history, and they don’t like to let their heroes mix. They like to keep everyone separate most of the time, that is why we never saw Batman in Birds of Prey, Grayson and Wonder Woman never got the chance to come to reality, and Smallville never delivered what the show built up each season. It was year after year of disappointing fights and battles. The biggest example of this was Bruce Wayne never really making it into the show. Instead of letting Bruce Wayne play a role in Clark’s development into Superman fans had to settle for Green Arrow, and looking back on the story lines and dialogue at any point Bruce could replace Oliver, and the show would not miss a beat.

They also showed their unwillingness to let their properties mix when it comes to cartoons and toys. The oldest sore spot of fans was not getting an official Hal Jordan Justice League Unlimited figure, and not seeing any other heroes in the Green Lantern Cartoon.

Hopefully Warner Bros. will get their act together and create a rich and exciting world of DC movies like Marvel has done over the last 7 or 8 years.


They have shown time and time again they don’t know how to make a cohenive universe in enetertainment, like Marvel has done in the last few years in and this new update is a big concern to DC fans everywhere.



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