The Weird World of Axe Cop Enters the Third Dimension

By bill - March 14, 2014

axe-cop-featAxe Cop, his allies, his enemies and his stuff make for a wonderful new toy line from Mezco.

Hopefully by now you’ve become well versed in all things Axe Cop, but if not here’s what you need to know– he’s a cop, who found a magical firefighter’s axe, and now fights super villains and aliens and hangs out with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and person-sized avocados.  If that sounds weird to you… it is.  If it sounds awesome to you… you’re right!

axe cop kastorskorner017The beloved web comic, by pre-teen Malachai Nicolle and his older brother Ethan, is a heck of a read, and thanks to Mezco Toyz, we now have a line of super cool action figures featuring our hero and many other characters from the odd corners of this universe.  The first series features three figures, although we technically get five characters throughout the three sets– Axe Cop (who includes Unibaby), Dr. Doo Doo (with full-sized “accessory” Doo-Doo Soldier) and an Avocado Soldier.

Each figure sports a great new sculpt that stays very faithful to Malachai’s delightfully surreal characters and Ethan’s art style, with lots of sunglasses and gnashed teeth and loads of cool accessories with each figure.  In addition to his trusty axe and afformentioned Unibaby, Axe Cop includes a lemon grenade and a poop-sucking gun (the perfect weapon to combat Dr. Doo-Doo, after all).  The Avocado Soldier includes a submachine gun, a removable unicorn horn and a display stand, while the Doo-Doo Soldier gets a sword and corresponding clear plastic stands so both he and his pint-sized master can float upright.

axe cop kastorskorner004The sculpts are all great, packed with personality and details accurate to the characters’ on-page appearances.  While they are not super articulated, each figure gets at least some points of articulation (the most for Axe Cop), and they look great on their own or displayed as a group.  I love that two of the three figures included stands, which help keep the oddly proportioned characters upright, although I wish Axe Cop himself had also received a stand to match his friend and foes.

Overall, I’m quite impressed by Mezco’s Axe Cop figures.  The sculpts capture the same strange, silly and delightfully bizarre vibe as the source material, and they each make for fun and eye-catching toys.  I’m glad these will be followed with more figures from the strange world of Axe Cop, because even with just this first trio, I am hooked on building this toy universe as much as possible!

Axe Cop Series One is available now at many etailers, specialty stores, Toys R Us as well as Mezco’s own webstore.  Click Here to order yours now.

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