I Bought Wicket Once Again

By kastor417 - February 15, 2014

Pop Vinyl Wicket Kastor's KornerWhen a company makes an Ewok toy there is a good chance I will buy it. While I have been able to resist Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line so far, Wicket may have pushed me in to the deep end of the collecting pool.

Funko’s Pop! Vinyl figures have been a lot of fun to look at over the years, and even been great gifts for friends, but I have hesitated getting into collecting their line. Space and money have been the biggest factor in making that decision, but over the years I have been really temped. Well this week I finally took the plunge, and it was Wicket who got me.

The boxes for the line are great for collectors they are all the same style no matter the property, they are not too big, and they allow you to see the figure without having to unbox it. For collectors who go back and forth about opening their toys, they are also easy to take out and put back for storage, something many figures can not do these days.

The figure himself is very limited and only slight movement of the head is possible. There is also a stand included for the figure with pegs which keep him in place. The sculpting and design captures the little guy from Return of the Jedi. The only warning I have for collectors is to check out the paint apps of the figure before you buy, I found a few with stray paint marks and scratches when picking up this little guy.

Overall I like my first Pop! figure, and I’m sure more will start to fill my desk in the next few months.

Want your own? Head over to Amazon for Wicket and more!

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