William Shatner To Meet Chris Pine in Star Trek 3?

By bill - October 8, 2014

Oh Captains, my Captains…

A few weeks back, a rumor started up that William Shatner would be involved in the third movie in the rebooted Star Trek series, a rumor which Shatner himself added life to with some comments suggesting he might come play with the new crew.

Now, according to Badass Digest, it looks like Shatner starring in the new series is much closer to becoming a reality, and there’s even a description of how the scene would play out:

…not only will Shatner be in the movie, his scene will have him meeting Chris Pine. Also in that scene: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. But if my sources are steering me correct this won’t be original timeline Spock – it’ll be future alt-timeline Kirk and Spock. Basically the scene will have Kirk and Spock interacting with their future selves.

I think that could be something pretty cool, getting to see not only the two Kirks together, but a Shatner- Nimoy reunion as well.  That’s all the info so far, so we have no way to know if it will be more time travel or some other means to get this foursome in the same room.  Maybe they’ll do another “clever” riff on the Wrath of Khan finale, this time with Kirks talking to each other, or old Kirk talking to young Spock or something?

In any event, the takeaway here is this– Shatner will likely be in Star Trek 3.  And it won’t be Into Darkness.  I’ll call that a double win.

Source: Badass Digest

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