The Winter Soldier Gets His Own Poster

By bill - March 5, 2014

winter-soldier-featWe figured he would right?  With his name in the title, and all?

I’m digging on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier posters, and the latest one brings our beloved WWII sidekick-turned-Russian assassin The Winter Soldier into the light.  We’ve already seen the on screen look of the new character, but I maintain that he was translated almost impossibly well.

For most comic book adaptations, either the character’s iconic look is lost in an attempt to “real” them up, or they’re so reverent to the comic that they wind up looking more like really good cosplayers than a part of their own cinematic universe.  Marvel has done a great job of nesting right in between those lines of faux-reality and pure camp, and holy hell, did they do a bang up job on Bucky here!

So yes, on the one hand, we have yet another back-to-the-camera character shot going on.  But this literally looks like a comic book cover from Steve Epting from Ed Brubaker’s Cap run, and I love that!  I’ve always been partial to Cap and his corner of the Marvel universe, so maybe I’m seeing these posters through rose colored (or is it star spangled?) glasses… but I’m totally enjoying what we’ve seen so far!

winter soldier one sheet

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