The Winter Soldier Is Taking Shape; Crossbones Officially Cast

By bill - October 30, 2012

Frank Grillo is officially on board as the latest addition to Marvel’s cinematic rogue’s gallery, appearing as Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Last week, it was rumored The Grey actor Frank Grillo had signed on to the Captain America sequel as Crossbones, a long-time henchman of the Red Skull and key player in Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier storyline. Now it’s official, according to Variety— which means another key player in what could be a pretty faithful telling of the comic storyline is in place.

The Winter Soldier story seems pretty camera-ready, and the addition of Crossbones, along with the Brubaker-inspired Bucky of the first Cap movie and previous news that The Falcon would also appear in the sequel, is telling me they’ll probably stick pretty close to the source material.

The big question now is, how faithful? Crossbones is a big bad guy in the storyline, which culminates in the comics with him (not really) assassinating Steve Rogers, but Brock Lumlow has always been a hired muscle type.  In the comic, he’s employed by the Red Skull, possessing the body of Russian war criminal turned businessman Aleksander Lukin.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Red Skull resurface in the sequel, having taken possession of the former General’s body– it would be faithful to the comic, and give an easy out for Hugo Weaving to step out of the picture, which he recently told Collider he did not want to come back for.  Lukin made for a great threat in the comic, and as a businessman, he also crossed paths with Tony Stark before sharing his body with the Nazi supervillain, so it’s in the realm of possibility we could see him surface on film as early as Iron-Man 3, which would make for a cool and logical cameo.

The other major villain in the comic is Sin, the Skull’s daughter, who also happens to be sleeping with Crossbones. It’s technically possible they could roll Lukin and Sin into one and have this character be the brains of the operation, with Crossbones doing the grunt work.  Adding Crossbones to the mix definitely tells me the likelihood of seeing Sin in the sequel is good either way, which has me very excited that maybe Alison Brie was auditioning for her, and not Sharon Carter– the Community actress would make a brilliant addition to Marvel’s movie-verse in general, and I can see her really nailing it as the demented neo-Nazi.

I expect we’ll hear more character/ casting news shortly for the Cap sequel, and the more I hear they’re sticking close to the comic telling of The Winter Soldier, the more excited I’m getting– Brubaker’s early run on the Captain America comic was among the finest storytelling of the last ten years, and his plotline was perfectly cinematic and totally compelling.

Source: Variety

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