The Winter Soldier Surfaces in Captain America Legends

By bill - April 2, 2014

ML-Winter-Soldier-featThe mysterious Winter Soldier gets a cinematic figure in the latest Captain America Legends.

When his name is in the title of the movie, it’d be kind of strange if the Cap Legends collection didn’t include a Winter Soldier figure.  Yes, stranger things have happened, but not only did Hasbro deliver on the figure, they did justice to this awesome character.

Much like the astounding new Captain America, the movie style Winter Soldier is a remarkable new addition to the Legends series.  His new sculpt is great– I love the detailing on his cybernetic arm and small nuances like the knife resting on the back of his belt– and he packs as much on-screen accuracy as his former friend Steve Rogers.

The Soldier is very articulated, allowing for lots of posing options, and I find the ab joint very effective for giving him a menacing forward-lurching posture.  While this figure does not include any alternate hands, he does get a second unmasked head which swaps out very easily.  The resemblance to Sebastian Stan is very good, although the face is buried due to a little too-liberal application of dark paint around the eyes (nothing some nail polish remover can’t fix).

Aside from the new head and his Mandroid Build-A-Figure piece, Winter Soldier also gets a big rifle, which he can hold fairly well in either hand.  The gun is a repaint of one of the Hydra weapons from the first wave of Cap Legends, now with a red and black deco.  While not realistic, the model isn’t far off from one of the guns we’ve seen the Soldier use in the movie trailers, and the dash of red stands out against the figure’s muter color pallet.

ML Winter Soldier015While I really like this figure, he has a few issues which prevent him from being on the same level of amazing quality as Cap.  The biggest offender are the paint apps.  In addition to the unmasked head having way to much shadow paint, the Winter Soldier’s vest is incorrectly painted brown instead of navy blue/ black like his pants.  None of the images I’ve seen suggest this is the correct color for his vest, and while it’s not a deal breaker, it feels unfortunate when so much attention to detail and film accuracy is all over every other aspect of this figure.

And I’m not sure, but Winter Soldier might be too tall compared to his fellow movie Legends.  He stands a fair height above Cap, and I’m not sure how film accurate that disparity really is.  I’m not saying it’s an issue; for all I know this is a legit size difference between the two characters, a departure from the shorter Winter Soldier of the comics.

These are still minor problems, and do little to detract from the greatness of this figure overall.  Like the other Cap Legends, the Winter Soldier is able to touch on virtually all the things Marvel Legends fans have been dreaming of– accessories, new, highly detailed sculpts, alternate heads and Build-A-Figure parts.  When you add it all together, Winter Soldier is another fantastic entry in this truly remarkable line, and a worthy toy rendition of this important new character in Marvel’s cinematic universe.

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