Witness ’25 Moments’ in X-Men vs. Human History

By bill - April 17, 2014

Magneto-JFK-featThe X-Men get woven into history in this great new viral site.

Things are finally turning around when it comes to promotion for the new X-Men movie!  First, we finally got a really solid final trailer for Days of Future Past, and now there’s a new viral website, 25moments.com, that’s actually pretty rad.

The concept takes a page from the Forrest Gump playbook, inserting our mutant heroes and villains into familiar events over the past 50-ish years, making for a unique alternate history to flesh out the new movie’s setting.  The result– for the first time ever– is a feeling that the backward-dating of the X-franchise doesn’t seem like an awful idea.  There’s some very clever things going on here, from Magneto’s apparent involvement in JFK’s assassination, to Colossus’ suggested origin as a newborn victim of Chernobyl’s radiation, which seem like cool nuances to help build this universe and connect everything we’ve seen into one story.

The slides that make up this collection are well put together, and share a common sense of dread that feels appropriate for the story at hand.  It’s worth checking out, and gives me a little more confidence that maybe the movie itself will be this cool, instead of as lame as the posters and trailers.

You can watch a teaser video below… and Click Here to visit 25moments.com.


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