Wolverine Joins The 12 Inch Marvel Legends Line

By kastor417 - December 22, 2017

The newest addition to the 12 inch Marvel Legends line is Logan himself, giving us our first X-man in the line. 

Considering how popular Wolverine is, its surprising how long it took to get him in this line.  We are entering the third year of the line, and it shows no sign of stopping. You can find the previous chracters for some deep discounts on Amazon, making this the perfect time to jump into the line.

This line is everything you wold expect from a larger line, with alternate hands and heads, as well as a few extra parts. Wolverine is in his classic blue and yellow X-men suit, which is bright and crisp to bring this comic book look to life. There is an unmasked head which comes with a mask that goes around his neck,to give the look of his mask being pulled down. There are also alternate shoulder pads and head, which give the look of a battle damaged Wolverine. The standard pads are a little loose out of the package, so displaying him with the damaged ones and normal head seems to look the best so far. It gives Wolverine the battle damaged look but not the end of a fight.

So what is the allure of these figures, considering how many other figures we all buy? Unlike the 6 inch Legends lines or the 3.75 line, these larger figures are display pieces for many collectors. The level of detail on them is amazing considering the prices, and for many these are good enough. Getting into Hot Toys or the statue world can get pricey, so these allow many collectors to set up some nice displays around the home or office without breaking the bank.

Most of the characters in this line are comic based but the first movie figure should be shipping soon, forcing collectors to make a choice… stay comic based or expand to the MCU. Or the bigger question can you mix the MCU and the comic figures, or is your OCD too severe?


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