New World’s End Features Promise Something Epic

By bill - July 10, 2013

worlds end quad featGet a new look at The World’s End, its director Edgar Wright, and a hint of madness to come at this year’s Comic Con.

It’s less than two months until The World’s End finally hits theaters, and if you’re anything like me, you are starving for any bits and pieces about Edgar Wright’s next instant classic.  Thankfully, Focus Features has us covered for now, with a fun pair of brand new featurettes revolving around The World’s End‘s place in the so-called “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy,” and the general awesomeness of Edgar Wright.

It  is KILLING me that this movie is having its premiere NOW in London… and it will screen next week at Comic Con.  The fact that I am not attending either makes me feel like a very bad person.  For those lucky enough to attend Comic Con this year… 100 of you will be lucky enough to attend the screening in San Diego by collecting 12 (likely pub themed) trading cards hidden around the city.  There’s also a pub crawl, a panel moderated by Chris Hardwick and lots more World’s End goodness coming, making me further regret being too responsible to blow my wedding funds on a trip to Comic Con.

Enjoy these features, and check out the full World’s End itinerary at SDCC below:

“The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”:

“Director at Work”:

THE WORLD’S END at Comic-Con

– Thursday 7/18: Fan Crawl starting at 1pm at The Commons SD. Open to all, 12 lucky winners will win tickets to the invite-only The World’s End Comic-Con party that evening.

– Friday 7/19: 10am panel featuring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, moderated by Chris Hardwick from Nerdist.

– Friday 7/19: The World’s End screening. 100 lucky fans can win tickets by collecting 12 trading cards on the streets of San Diego.

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