World’s Finest in Wood

By kastor417 - April 1, 2015

DC Wooden Figures Kastor's KornerToday collectors are looking for figures with great articulation and sculpting, and these wooden Superman and Batman figures have neither. But they might be my new favorite work desk figures.From the packaging, to the extra heads these are great for collectors both new and old. The plain boxes that show off the figures once opened, matching the look and feel of the figures inside.

DC Wooden Figures Kastor's Korner 16Both figures use the same parts, with different paint apps for each character. They are articulated at the waist, shoulders, wrists, and neck. The World’s Finest┬áremind me of the armored characters from the Fifth Element, cute and bulky. The colors are bright and vibrant, standing out in the sea of wooden toys. Wooden figures also have an advantage over plastic, they are durable, allowing them to stand up to kids.

Each figure comes with three heads, each giving off a different mood, from happy to angry. It also makes these perfect for those of us who want to show off our moods at work without letting on to our coworkers. Feeling hurt, change the Batman face. Feel like your done listening to endless complaining, put on the serious Superman. Or if you just can’t take your coworkers anymore and want to get rid of them in a snap, put on the heat vision Superman. The only criticism of the figures are the heads only having paint on the front of the faces. They would look much better with fully painted heads, matching the over all look and paint apps of the rest of the figures.

There are times where you want the most accurate representation of a character, and times when you just want a fun toy, these are the latter.

Thanks to DC Collectibles for these, they will be a permanent part of my desk at work.


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