X-Force is Ready for Battle

By kastor417 - February 9, 2015

Minimates Marvel X Force Kastor's KornerThe X-force team is ready to battle some Minimates in the newest set from Diamond Select Toys.Team pack are always a great buy for collectors. Sure sometimes you may get a double of a character, but most of the time they are loaded with extras making it worth it. This is certainly the case for the new X-Force set from DTS.

The set is made up of Shatterstar, Domino, Cannonball, and Cable. The first three have one look each, with accessories, leaving Cable with most of the extra parts. Shatterstar comes with his swords, both nicely detailed. Cannonball only has one appearance, but comes with an accessory, his blast effect. It puts him at an angle to simulate taking off in a cloud of fire. This version of Domino is her most iconic look, unlike the modern version from a few years ago.

The final figure is the heavy armor Cable. The figure has two sets of boots giving him some high, depending on the artist rendition you are trying to recreate. He has changed size a bit over the years, so this will give collectors the choice of how tall them want him to be. He also can be stripped down to give him the Marvel vs. Capcom look. It is close to the original Cable from one of the early waves but has improved details with better hair and face sculpt. He also comes with his large blaster as well as two small pistols.

This set help collectors build a team, and add to their mutants. These team sets might be the best thing about Minimates, lets hope they continue to help us completes teams.

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