New X-Men Apocalypse Details Surface

By bill - March 17, 2014

xmen-dofpThis one’s set in the 80s, and lots of stuff is gonna blow up, according to Bryan Singer.

If you’re into the X-Men movie series, you’re probably excited that the wait isn’t too long between this May’s Days of Future Past and the next installment, X-Men Apocalypse, which hits summer 2016.  Bryan Singer will be back at the helm, and he shared some new details about the next chapter for the mutant heroes.

The director told Total Film that Apocalypse will be set in the 80s, which I guess makes sense after First Class in the 60s and Days of Future Past in the 70s.  He also shared that this movie will feature a bigger, more destructive scale than past X-movies:

It’ll be a contemporary movie – well, it’ll take place in the ’80s… ‘Apocalypse’ will have more of the mass destruction that ‘X-Men’ films, to date, have not relied upon. There’s definitely now a character and a story that allow room for that kind of spectacle.

I’m still sort of interested to see where this is all going, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that I’d rather see a rebooted modern world– fixing the many, many mistakes of X-Men 3— than keep reaching backward in the timeline.  But I’ll admit that First Class was great, easily the best X-movie to date, so maybe they know what they’re doing?…

We’ll have evidence one way or the other this summer, when days of Future Past hits.

Source: Total Film, via Badass Digest

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