X-Men Days Of Future Past Gets A Good Trailer

By bill - April 16, 2014

prof-exes-featCan you even be “better late than never” in a time travel movie?

While most of the promotional stuff for X-Men: Days of Future Past has existed in an awkward valley between less than impressive (the Empire cover character reveals) and outright lame (the Carl’s Jr ads), they finally delivered a good trailer in these last few weeks before the movie hits.

I still hate the production design– it took nearly a decade to get the X-Men into X-Men looking outfits at the end of First Class, and now they’ve immediately retreated back to boring black leather and plastic– but I get a real sense of tone and scope from this latest trailer, which I thought was sorely lacking in what we saw previously.

I love Days of Future Past as a story, obviously, and I’ve never been one of those fanboy types to get defensive about a movie “screwing up” its source material before giving it a fair shake.  But I’ll admit, I was getting close with this movie… DoFP is kind of a sacred text of comics, and while I can accept some stylistic changes to the original, tearing all the urgency and energy out of it would be a total bummer.

This won’t be a word-for-word translation of the comic book, that much is certain.  But I’m now getting the sense that the movie will keep what matters most intact.  This latest preview is definitely instilling some confidence in me…  How about you?

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