X-men Legends Are The Perfect Marvel Mix

By kastor417 - June 6, 2017

Every wave of Marvel Legends have their highlights and duds, but the Warlock wave of X-men Marvel Legends might be one of the strongest wave of Legends in years. 

The MCU lines of Marvel Legends is forced to spilt the line up with half movie figures and half comic, but the X-men waves have been killing it in the last year. They are all comic based, and while some may want all classic looks, the Marvel team at Hasbro has been able to mix classic and modern.

There is not only one group of people buying figures these days, there are so many different collectors in the world today, that by making the figures from only one era will kill the line. Now that seems a little harsh to say, but look at a line like MOTU, the reason the line will die is they will run out of characters that people will buy. And when they start the z-list chracters and all the mashup figures the customer base gets even smaller. So y mixing up all the eras it guarantees that collectors will keep coming back, because they want to complete their favorite teams in all the same costumes.

So how does this wave break down?

The Classics

  • Cyclops (yes this is a 90’s look but still one of his most iconic looks)
  • Dazzler (In her full disco glory
  • Shatterstar (Seinfeld would be proud of this puffy shirt)
  • Sunfire (Can you get more we need some diversity on this team costume than this?)
  • Warlock ( Wow whoever designed him hated artists, cause look at all those little details that have to be reproduced over every panel.)

Today’s X-men

  • Colossus (So close to classic, but at least they got the size right)
  • Old Man Logan ( We had to make sure the team mascot was in every wave….was there a movie about him recently?)
  • Polaris ( so close too to the first appearance, but some liberties with the overall costume to make sure the base body did not need any modifications.)

There is a lot to say about this wave, it took a day and some time on Brick Seek, but we were able to get 3 full sets in less than 48 hours, although restocks have been few and far between since then. Cyclops and Colossus have been the big sellers, only having seen those the first week and then again just last week. The rest of the wave has been pretty easy to find, but surprisingly the only figure with out a BAF part, Old Man Logan, has been also absent from the store shelves. With no movie or TV tie in, this wave flew under the radar and is sure to be one that will be a collectors favorite. The quality of the wave has also raised the bar, with no major issues with any figures, a decent amount of accessories, and a BAF that would be difficult to reuse making his parts one and done.

The last two X-men waves have been amazing, making hopeful that there will be one more coming out this year. After all Nightcrawler needs an update and the Jackal body would make a perfect Beast.

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