New York Toy Fair 2019: Funko

By bill - February 21, 2019

Funko’s colossal booth at New York Toy Fair was filled with fun new products from across the fan continuum.

No matter what you’re into, from super heroes to Disney to sports to 70s TV shows, Funko is cranking out collectibles just for you. Their 2019 showcase didn’t change that trend, as there was a lot of cool stuff to be seen.

Of course, the Pop phenomenon rolls on, and 2019 will see all kinds of cool new additions, ranging from music (Post Malone, BTS, and *NSYNC are among the top Pops to be revealed), to TV (including The Simpsons… talk about the perfect property for the Pop treatment), to video games, movies, and more. I’m not a die hard Pop collector (with how many of these little buggers there are, I don’t see how anyone could be) but I’m definitely susceptible to their charm, especially with fun releases like a Sanford and Son two-pack, or the excellent Jaws collection complete with two Pop versions of Bruce.

Some of the highlights for me, personally were the new Game of Thrones deluxe Pops. Designed to commemorate the upcoming Final Season, these speculative pieces feature five characters all atop the Iron Throne, allowing you to call your shot as to who will win by the end of the finale.

But there’s more to Funko than Pops. We also saw lots of cool new Mystery Minis… many of which will now feature window packaging, eliminating the blind box nature of older figures, as well as new Pop! Pez, VYNL, and Rock Candy releases.

We got to see the second wave of DC Primal Age action figures, including Superman, Bizarro, Flash, Lex Luthor, and Krypto, which promises to be a worthy follow up to the debut series. And the first wave of Mega-Man action figures were on display. If they sell well enough, we may see a second wave of them later in 2019, which would be outstanding because they’re really nice toys!

Check out Funko’s Toy Fair showcase below. It’s honestly such a huge display, this is the one booth at Toy Fair it’s a legit workout to photograph!


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