New York Toy Fair 2019: Hasbro – Overwatch

By bill - February 19, 2019

Hasbro debuted their impressively large toy line based on the video game phenomenon Overwatch during their Toy Fair presentation.

One thing was very clear at Hasbro’s 2019 Toy Fair Fan Press Event– they’re trying to re-connect with kids. It makes sense, especially in an era when many of their brands have been catering more and more to a mixed or overall adult collector audience. One of the ways they’re doing this is by introducing new franchises to their toy offerings, one of which is Overwatch, AKA one of the most popular video games out there.

It might be unfair to say the Overwatch toy line is aimed at a younger audience, since the action figures, Nerf guns, and role play items on display were just as detailed, well crafted, and articulated as established toy lines like Marvel Legends, and yes– I know plenty of adults who play Overwatch– but it still seems quite deliberate (and smart!) that Hasbro would pursue a property with such youth appeal.

And the results are great! The 6″ action figures feature outstanding all new sculpts and very cool blast effects for their accessories. The debut lineup includes both single figures (Tracer, Lúcio, Sombra, and Blackwatch Reyes – AKA Reaper) and double-packs (Soldier: 76 & Ana and Pharah & Mercy), along with an insanely  massive Reinhardt deluxe figure.

They all look awesome, with articulation on par with Star Wars The Black Series and Marvel Legends, and excellent game accurate sculpts. The figures will be displayed in window boxes with unique character art for each figure that evoked a strong GI Joe vibe to me… an interesting parallel considering the Real American Hero was one of the major inspirations for the way Hasbro’s Overwatch team approached the property.

In addition to the figures, a series of game-inspired NERF guns, a themed Monopoly game, and character masks are also all on deck for 2019. It all looked great, and even with other high end and import toymakers producing Overwatch figures, Hasbro’s line will carve out a place as a mass retail, cost effective series that still cranks out awesome toys. Many of Hasbro’s debut Overwatch products are available for preorder now at Gamestop, and you can see their full Toy Fair display below!

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