New York Toy Fair 2019: Hasbro – Power Rangers

By junior - February 20, 2019

From Beast Morphers to the Lightning Collection, Hasbro is coming out swinging for their first year’s lineup of Power Rangers toys.

The last time Hasbro had a remote attachment to a sentai series was when Kenner licensed the VR Troopers spinoff. Jump forward a couple of decades, and Hasbro has lightning in a bottle: they are now the proud owners of Power Rangers. Fresh blood is exactly what this brand needs and Hasbro is shooting with both barrels. 2019 introduces us to Beast Morphers, known in Japan as Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It seems that Hasbro plans to take this skipped series and spin this proverbial straw into gold.

There are several play patterns previously employed on other brands that Hasbro will be incorporating into Beast Morphers, as well as popular entries in Power Rangers lore. There are blind bagged mini figures,  micro figures, micro figure zords, 12-inch basic figures, and preschool-age 2.5-inch figures with vehicles. Accompanying them is the initial assortment of Beast Morpher basic figures: heroes, villains, allies, and the requisite Megazord. One wonders if the Transformers team had a hand in the engineering.

Hasbro’s Collector-focused series is the Lightning Collection. Spanning the 25+ years of epic adventures, our favorite and most impactful rangers and villains are constructed as the ultimate action figures. Copious articulation, exacting details, alternate display parts, and even meticulously recreated rangers’ helmetless portraits make them essential additions to any fan’s collection. Initial entries shown are White Ranger (Tommy), S.P.D. Shadow Ranger (Doggy Kruger), Red Dino Charge Ranger (Tyler), Lord Zedd, Goldar (a Gamestop exclusive, available this Fall), and Beast Morpher Red Ranger (the first figure revealed from the second Lightning Collection wave). They appear to pose well, but time will tell if the rangers will be able to achieve all of their unique signature poses. Hopefully the articulation will be unique per ranger to reflect that.

Small inaccuracies aside, the series is really in capable hands. If anyone knows robots, superhero teams, and stories featuring intergalactic threats, I would count on the brains behind Marvel Legends, Star Wars, and Transformers to deliver. From toddlers to adults, Hasbro has all the bases covered.

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