New York Toy Fair 2019: LEGO

By bill - February 19, 2019

LEGO showcased lots of great new building sets, minifigures, and a new way to play at Toy Fair 2019.

As is tradition, LEGO kicked off New York Toy Fair with a Preview event before the show officially opened, and this year’s event was one of their best yet. The new showroom featured a bright, open new area that really highlighted some amazing new building sets.

Among the best were a new collection of Star Wars sets, from every corner of the galaxy far, far away, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, which began in 1999 with The Phantom Menace. From a new Snowspeeder to the show-stopping all new Slave-One with Boba Fett, this collection has a new box design paying tribute to the classic Kenner card art from the 70s, and ranges from small to large builds which all looked great.

The latest LEGO Ideas set was revealed at the show, bringing The Flintstones to the LEGO world, and the single set delivers pretty much everything you’d need for a core Flintstones collection– the family home, the car, Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty. Check back soon for an in depth review of this awesome set, which will be available this spring.

Toy Story 4 will be represented with four building sets that include Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and many more fan favorites, new and old, in environments that are sure to be featured in this summer’s sequel. Elsewhere in the world of animation, the upcoming second wave of Lego Movie 2 sets also looked great, and promise to round out the main characters and set pieces from the film.

New Overwatch, Marvel, Disney Princesses, and Ninjago all looked great, but it was the continuation of Jurassic World that I found the most fun. With no new movie to continue the storyline this year, LEGO’s next sets will bring the characters and dinosaurs of Jurassic World into some zany new adventures which remind me of the fun late 90s Jurassic Park toys from Kenner. Whether it’s a drone for Owen to ride while chasing an escaped Dilophosaurus, or a robot T-Rex to square off against the Tyrannosaurus, these sets were really fun.

But the most fun to be had was LEGO Hidden Side, a new original series of unique and highly striking building sets featuring ghost hunters and an Augmented Reality aspect with which you can chase and capture virtual ghosts haunting the various builds. The bright, rich colors of these bricks, and the unique builds– including a schoolhouse, a bus, and a very elaborate train– are awesome. And the mix of ghost hunting kids, and outlandish ghouls, ghosts and monsters are some of the coolest original creations from the LEGO team in quite some time. The app-based AR game looks very promising, as well… the ghosts will “move” between sets over time, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to capture them all with even just one Hidden Side set. And LEGO already teased that more ghosts will be added over time, meaning this is just the beginning for Hidden Side!

Check out the full gallery from LEGO’s Toy Fair showroom, and more product images below!

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