New York Toy Fair 2019: McFarlane Toys

By bill - February 26, 2019

McFarlane Toys’ 2019 showcase left us impressed… and even more eager for 2020’s first of the McFarlane DC action figures.

Regardless what you think of McFarlane Toys, it’s hard to deny they’re one of the most┬áconsistently surprising toymakers in the game. Toy Fair 2019 took place right after news broke that McFarlane would be taking over for Mattel to produce collector-targeted action figures and collectibles for DC Comics, but that was just the beginning of the awesome news at this year’s show.

McFarlane’s 6″ Fortnite action figures caught a lot of attention thanks not only to their funky, game accurate designs, but the new hyper poseable articulation pattern they utilized. That will continues for 2019’s Fortnite figures in both 6″ and 10″ scale… and they’re using this line as a testing ground of sorts for the design and engineering they’re planning for their DC figures.

So if you want an early idea of what their super heroes will be like, check out the Fortnite collection… and thankfully you’ll have plenty of chances, because this year will see not only more figures, but also gliders and vehicles like the Quad Crasher and a Shopping Cart! As crazy as it may sound for a 6″ scale line, we may even see the Plane sooner than later.

There was a lot more great stuff on display at McFarlane’s booth, from the Fallout 7″ figures coming in 2020, to the great looking Mortal Kombat 11, My Hero Academia, and Game Of Thrones figure lines. We’re even going to see a second David Bowie as Gareth from Labyrinth, since the original Goblin King figure was a sleeper hit that left many collectors hungry for more. And the Stranger Things line will continue with Season 3 updates for Eleven and Hopper, coming later this year after the show premieres.

But the other highlight of 2019’s offerings was the fantastic Harry Potter series. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take photos of these figures, but the high quality sculpting that has long been McFarlane’s calling card means these are among the best looking Potter figures ever. They’re fully articulated, and– based on a packaging mock-up, may even include a Patronus or animal familiar in addition to other accessories. What was on display were Harry, Hermione, Ron, Voldemort, Nagini, and three Patronuses (Patroni? Potterheads, help me out in the comments please). They’re all sporting their Deathly Hallows looks (no going back to the first movie for these guys), and they’ll be joined by a deluxe Dementor, who– along with Voldemort– will likely feature mixed material for their robes, which are still being finalized.

It was a solid showcase for McFarlane this year; whether you’re into video games, movies, TV, or anime, there was something there to catch your attention, all crafted with the long-standing high quality sculpting and exciting new articulation engineering that has kept McFarlane on the forefront of collectible action figures.

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