New York Toy Fair 2019: Mezco Toyz

By bill - February 18, 2019

From the new One: 12 Collective debuts to the new Five Points series, there was a lot to love at Mezco’s Toy Fair showroom.

Over the past few years, Mezco has changed the rules of the game with the One: 12 Collective, a toy line which consistently releases the most detailed, highest quality, mixed materials 6″ action figures in the world. Their new reveals at Toy Fair 2019 didn’t disappoint, from the classic-inspired Harley Quinn to the cinematic Captain Marvel (with the best portrait of Brie Larson I have seen to date, regardless of scale). Some figures Mezco had teased earlier looked even better than I had hoped, like the David Harbour Hellboy with his all new, heavily scarred chest, or the super creepy Pennywise from 2017’s IT. Others were genuine surprises I did NOT see coming, most notably the ’89 Batman with three spot-on Michael Keaton mouth expressions, and the creature from They Live, a cult classic movie finally getting its due in toy form.

If I had to pick just one of the new releases on display, though, it would have to be the DC comic inspired Wonder Woman, who features one of the best One: 12 character designs of all time. The Amazon hero’s outfit draws equally from her classic comic costume, her Rebirth outfit, and the look she sported on the big screen in the 2017 movie, along with some added flairs which open up more fun display options (I LOVE the removable golden armor which can change your Wonder Woman from ready to fight crime, to ready to wage war on literally everything).

There were even more reveals in Mezco’s catalog, including Moon Knight (who will look great displayed alongside the other NYC street fighters from the Marvel Universe, like Daredevil and Punisher), Gambit, a new Batman, the Supreme Knight, and a blonde, comics-inspired Aquaman.

I went to Mezco’s Toy Fair press event to check out the One:12 figures, and they did not disappoint… but it was one of their brand new lines, Five Points, which left the biggest impression on me. As the name would suggest, these 3.75″ figures sport five points of articulation, but while their articulation is intentionally retro, the sculpts are a bit more modern and suited to each property. So, this Six Million Dollar Man, while he might have looked like this if he was released in the 80s, would have the the BEST looking toy from that era.

Five Points will include a wide range of properties, from the upcoming Addams Family animated movie, to cult classic like The Warriors, Hannah Barbera super heroes like Space Ghost and Birdman, and the best of the bunch, Scooby Doo. These are my favorite sculpts of the Mystery Gang in a long time, they’re excellent 3D renderings of their cartoon counterparts, and perfectly in scale with one another. Not only that, the kinds and Scooby will be accompanied by some of their most iconic ghost antagonists… each of which features a removable mask and/ or alternate, unmasked head! It’s such a simple yet effective and FUN feature, it blew my mind that no action figure outside of LEGO ever thought to do this before.

There was even more great products at Mezco’s Toy Fair showcase, and you can see it all in our photo gallery below!


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