You, As A Star Trek Figure

By bill - May 13, 2013

star-trek-cubify-featRealize your dream of joining Starfleet… in figurine form!

3D Printing model maker Cubify is offering one of the coolest Star Trek collectibles of all time– a personalized Starfleet figurine featuring a scan of your face!

All you need to do to own a Star Trek selfie statue is send them a pair of photos of your face, choose a body type (extra points for acknowledging the tendency of Trek fans to clock in over or under weight, guys!), and then pick the fun stuff– division shirt color, rank* and accessories!

The figure stands about 3″ tall, and based on the samples they show on their website the likenesses are pretty solid. The only bummer is the finished piece will be a ceramic-like statue… I wish they could have done these in a more durable substance like resin instead.  But still, for only $70, you can have a little version of you, as a member of Starfleet!

Cubify is already soliciting a poll to see which uniforms to cover next… but this is such a cool concept, I think I’ll settle for a TOS costume now, instead of the promise of a TNG crotchbinder somewhere down the line.

Click Here for more details and to order yours today!

*I can only imagine the low self esteem that would lead someone to choose an ensign ranked Star Trek selfie.  Seriously guys… you’re better than that!

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